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Answer Line Fixed

The technical problems with my PC World blog, Answer Line, have been fixed. You can once again find my advice to readers at

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Where’s Answer Line

If you’ve been to PC World’s Answer Line page lately, you may notice that the latest post is from December 3. Is this the end of Answer Line? No. Do to a technical problem (or perhaps a design problem; I’m … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Motive: It’s the Store

Microsoft’s motive behind Windows 8 seems pretty clear to most observers. As the PC market loses ground and mindshare, Redmond desperately needs to turn its flagship OS into an important player in the growing mobile market. But that doesn’t explain … Continue reading

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My Best Work in June

Alternative music sites for eclectic tastes (requires a paid subscription) How to transfer files from Windows to the iPad (requires a paid subscription) Answer Line Another, Sometimes More Convenient Way to Copy and Move Files Tweaking Windows 7’s Sleeping Habits … Continue reading

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My Best Work in May

Samsung UN46D6000 Review: $1000 Set Has Great Features, Middling Video Unusual photo and video effects from Microsoft Free photo-editing tools do more than ever (requires a paid membership to Windows Secrets) Answer Line Should I Turn Off Automatic Updates? Remove … Continue reading

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My Best March and April Articles

I never got around to listing my best work for March, so I’m combining it with April. March was a particularly good month for my Answer Line blog. April, on the other hand, saw a considerable number of Bayflicks posts, … Continue reading

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My Best February Articles

Getting to basics: straight and simple text (requires Windows Secrets subscription) Smart configuration tricks for Win7 Explorer (requires Windows Secrets subscription) Answer Line Can I Safely Open a File That Contains “Macros?” How Do I See Who’s Been Using My … Continue reading

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My Best January Articles

Hard-drive partitioning gives better protection (requires Windows Secrets subscription) Five tricks for improving Windows Media Player (requires Windows Secrets subscription) Windows 8 on a desktop PC Work Smarter in Office Answer Line Should I Use the 32- or 64-bit Version … Continue reading

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My Best December Articles

Like most Decembers, last month was a slow one for me. But I did some interesting work. Sysinternals: an underappreciated utility suite Blu-ray Players Bring Cheap 3D, Great Images, and Internet Services VM: Running computers inside computers Answer Line How … Continue reading

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My Best November Articles

The Lost Interview: Steve Jobs, Unfiltered Smart surge protectors can cut your power bill Connected Blu-ray Players for Any Budget Answer Line Should I Remove My Laptop Battery to Increase its Life? How Safe is WPA2-Secured WiFi? Remove Hard-to-Kill Malware … Continue reading

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Best Articles for October

I had a very busy October, but not much to show for it. Not all of my work turns up on the Internet with my name on it. But here are a few items I’m proud of: Answer Line Will … Continue reading

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My Best September Articles

Passwords — don’t take them with you What to do about bad technical support Answer Line Overheating Laptop Watch Out for Rogues Can You Put an SSD and HDD In a Laptop? Turn a PC Off or Leave It On? … Continue reading

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My Best August Articles

Six PowerPoint Nightmares (and How to Fix Them) Word 2010 tricks for more polished documents Five Outlook Nightmares (and How to Fix Them) When it’s time to do a total Windows 7 reinstall Answer Line Bring Back Internet Explorer 8 … Continue reading

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Recent Articles Worth Reading

Yeah, I know. I haven’t been keeping this blog up to date. I figured that people who want to know what I’ve been writing lately can always subscribe to my twitter feed. But not everyone loves Twitter. So here are … Continue reading

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Windows Nightmares, Headaches, and Reinstalls

Support people are way to eager to recommend reinstalling Windows. It’s a scary, time-consuming tasks, it endangers your data, and it doesn’t always work. And it’s usually not necessary. Before you wipe that hard drive clean, read one of both … Continue reading

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It Was Fifty Years Ago Today (and had nothing to do with the Beatles)

Fifty years ago today–April 12, 1961–Yuri Gagarin became the first human being to leave the Earth’s atmosphere and venture into space, as well as the first to orbit the planet. I was not quite seven at the time. I remember … Continue reading

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My Favorite Thumbnails

PC World requires me to include a small thumbnail image, 180 x 119 pixels, with each Answer Line post. While I can use other artwork off the magazine’s site, and the Art Department even provided me with a generic Answer … Continue reading

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A Few March Articles

I keep writing. Here are some recent favorites. From my PC World Answer Line blog: Should I Switch to Linux? Organize the Windows Desktop For Windows Secrets, I wrote Simple steps for backing up Web-based e-mail.  Unfortunately, you’ll need a … Continue reading

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What to do when Windows refuses to boot

You’ll need a Windows Secrets subscription to read this article.

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Speed Up Windows by Stripping It Down

Another PC World article about removing the fat in Windows.

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